Building Business Credit

This isn't a quick process but It's not a race. If you plan to use business credit SOLELY, follow these steps


  1. Come up with your Business Name
  2. Where will your business be located? Perception is key, use a commercial or virtual address.
  3. Apply for your LLC at your state website 
  4. Apply for your EIN - its free from the IRS
  5. Apply for your DUNS number- its free from Duns & Bradstreet
  6. Make a business logo or have Pro104 make one for you 
  7. Get a business telephone 800 number from Grasshopper
  8. Register your business number with 411 
  9. Create your business a simple 1 page website or have Pro104 make one for you 
  10. Create a business email ( Pro104's 1 page websites come with a custom email address
  11. Find your Naics / Sic Code ( you need this when opening bank account)
  12. Open a Business Bank Account
  13. Make Social Media accounts for your Business - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  14. Add your Business up to 65 listing managers like Yelp and Bing or have Pro104 setup and maintain the listings for you, 
  15. Create a Google Business Profile or Pro104 can create it for you

Tier 2 Accounts

Coming soon . . .