Business Tools

The Analytics application allows users to integrate all of their analytics and tracking tools in one convenient location. This app features a quick overview of each service as well as detailed breakdowns for each integration.

The Analytics app currently supports the following analytics and tracking tools:
  • Facebook 
  • AdsGoogle
  • AdsGoogle Analytics
  • CallRail
  • SEO Listings Manager (an add-on subscription)

If you utilize or intend to use any of these tools for your business, the analytics application is for you. 
The Contacts app is one of the most essential tools you will utilize within the platform.

Filling out profiles for individual contacts and business contacts makes it easier to automatically integrate valuable information into your campaigns, templates, notifications, and much more. 
The Dashboard application is the home page for your entire platform experience. 

This is a fully customizable page that provides each user with the ability to personalize their page view and get the updates that matter most as soon as you log in to your account.

The Deals application is one of the most powerful tools that our platform has to offer. With this app, you’re able to easily create a variety of sales pipelines to help you visualize your sales process and track your latest deals.

A sales pipeline allows you to break your entire sales process down into individual steps. This makes tasks more manageable and makes it easier to track progress at each part of the process. It also helps you hold your sales personnel accountable for their performance.

The Forms application is a useful marketing tool that allows you to quickly create, share, and embed forms on your websites and landing pages. You can use these forms in place of default forms on other platforms so that you can keep all of your lead information in one convenient place.
The Inbound application allows users to easily set up and integrate campaigns focused on lead generation.

Users are able to create new campaigns using various third-party platforms, assign sales representatives to new leads, and create automated notifications for your team. You can also automatically add new leads to your Deals app and Sales Pipelines.

The reporting feature will also allow you to track form submissions, phone calls, and the performance of any assigned sales representatives.
InstaReports is one of our most popular prospecting tools. With this application, you’ll be able to make use of the contact information available in your CRM and generate reporting documents you can use to sell your services.

Our reporting software will automatically grade the performance of a user’s website or marketing efforts when you provide the necessary information. In addition to this score, the report will contain a list of errors present and the optimizations that your team can take to improve their online marketing presence.
The Projects application is an analytics and asset management tool for your company. While even sub-accounts can use the Sites and Analytics apps for their business, you will be able to receive overviews and in-depth analyses for all of your clients in one place.
The Template application is used to create and manage a variety of custom templates that can be sent via email and text messages.